Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Rails Way

I never picked up my novel. The Rails Way is well-written enough to have kept me reading it through the whole vacation. I read about 500 pages and if our vacation had been any less busy I would have finished it.

The text is easy to follow no matter how complex the topic, with the exception of a passage relating to meta-programming. I will have to go back and see if I do better a second time around.

I found a few typos and errors but none that obscured my understanding of the author's true intent.

The testing section had some good coverage of Rail's built-in facilities and also of RSpec. I have been reading about Shoulda recently also and I plan to compare the two more closely.

Agile Web Development with Rails has been considered the leading book on Rails. For a newcomer to the topic it is still a better book but, for anyone with some knowledge of the framework, this is a much better organized volume. Sam Ruby is updating it for Rails 2 but it will only be a beta book for most of this year.

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