Monday, August 25, 2008

lirc and imon LCD under Ubuntu

If you have a MythTV installation you will want to control it via a remote control since keyboards and mice rarely fit the decor of a family room.

I chose a Silverstone case with their nice LCD display. It has a potentially rich display. However such sophistication is not supported by the Ubuntu Hardy LCDproc package.

The Ubuntu 8.04 lirc support for the pad on the remote is incomplete also. There is a patch which is targeted for Intrepid Ibex. So I could build from source, add the patch and install. Or I could fetch the Intrepid package and install that. The latter seemed the simpler case but, since it is aiming to be part of Intrepid, its dependencies could be a problem.

Using Intrepid's package as a base fails interacting with udev each time. I suspect that the direct cause is the lack of the lirc_imon driver despite a reference to it in hardware.conf.

dkms is used to manage the lirc support. Unfortunately it believes I have an empty dkms.conf which is causing all the dkms commands to fail.

I commented out the reference to the missing lirc_imon driver and rebooted to see if the poor interaction with udev as fixed.

Rebooting brought up a repair menu, so I chose the option to repair packages. Since I have Intrepid in my sources.list file, it is now downloading 100s of megabytes of updated and new packages for Intrepid alpha 4.

This may take a while to finish... The only upside I can see so far is the chance to become an Ubuntu package maintainer...