Monday, June 7, 2010

RailsConf Baltimore

I have been using Ruby on Rails since just before 1.0 and yet now is the first time I have been able to get to RailsConf. It is also my first visit to Baltimore and my first trip on Amtrak's Acela brought us down here from Boston. RBM sent Brian and myself down here and, given the very productive rail journey, we are already off to a good start.

We have tried to split a lot of the conference content between us. Monday is tutorial day and while Brian is getting an introduction to Rails 3 via Rails 3 Ropes, I am going to a Git Immersion tutorial. This afternoon there is a deep dive into Rails 3 which I am looking forward to.

We have using git for a couple of months now and, while we are very confident in how we are using it, git has far more options that Subversion and I really want to understand more of the possible ways to use it.

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Brian Underwood said...

I'm a lot more excited about creating a branch of Rails 3 now. I've been learning a lot of the day-to-day Rails stuff. Apparently you'll be looking into the deep level stuff for plugins and gems.